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Based on the "Basic Guidelines for Reconstruction in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake", this project makes use of the universities' and manufacturing industries' strength in nano-technology and material research and development. It also aspires to develop Tohoku University into a strong platform for the advancement of nano-technology research and development by promoting government-industry-academia collaboration. The project focuses on the development of innovative materials that incorporate world class cutting-edge technology and intends to further advance the development of Tohoku's material industry, thus contributing to the reconstruction of the Tohoku region.


Building upon the discussions of the MEXT Nanotechnology and Materials Science Technology Commission, Tohoku University promotes this project as a research hub in collaboration with regional universities and businesses. The project aims to create innovative technological advances for practical uses in the three research fields that Tohoku University is currently leading globally.

  • Ultra-low Friction Technology Area
  • Ultra-low Core Loss Magnetic Material Technology Area
  • High Efficiency Rare Elements Extraction Technology Area